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Horse Racing, Kentucky Derby at The Downey Profile®

Trainer Barn List at Kentucky Downs


Most trainers ship in on race day. Some trainers rent stall space and have horses gallop over the track. Here's a list of the latter group from Tyler Picklesimer of the Kentucky Downs Racing Office.

Trainer No. of Stalls Barn Stall Nos.
S. Asmussen 10 B 11-20
P. Biancone 5 D 12-16
C. Clement 4 E 5-8
B. Colebrook 8 C 23-30
B. Cox 10 G 13-22
E. Dobles 2 D 10-11
M. Maker 10 G 35-44
T. Proctor 5 E 1-4
J. Sharp 10 G 23-32
C. Vaccarezza 1 D 9
J. Van Berg 4 D 1-5
W. Ward 10 C 1-10


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