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Kentucky Derby and Horse Racing at The Downey Profile®

Breeders' Cup Post Position Draw Quotes


Todd Pletcher, (Quality Road, Classic, post 1) - “It wouldn’t have been one of my choices, but it is what it is. You don’t get to choose. He was going to load in the gate first regardless, so that part of it doesn’t change. It’s probably less of a disadvantage in a 12-horse field than it is in the Derby going a mile-and-a-quarter in a full field. The horse is doing very well coming up to the race. We’re looking forward to giving it a try. We have to get some position coming out of there. We have to kind of play it by ear. I have a lot of confidence in John Velazquez. That’s one of those decisions he’s going to have to make.”

Dale Romans, (Paddy O’Prado, Classic, post 2; First Dude, Classic, post 4) – “I’m really happy with both of my posts. In a 12-horse field going a mile-and-a-quarter, I don’t think there’s a bad post.  I just like to have a horse on each side of me; that worked out well. I think Paddy O’Prado out of the two-hole, he’s going to drop back and try to make one run anyway. I think First Dude is fast enough. He’s going to break and the real speed will go to the lead. He’ll be covered up by them and he’ll sit as long as he can.”

Scott Blasi, assistant trainer to Steve Asmussen, (Haynesfield, Classic, post 3) “He drew well."

Al Stall Jr., (Blame, Classic, post 5) - "How can you not be happy with that number? I'm not a big post position person unless you draw far to the outside, so it’s one less thing to worry about. Post position number five is just fine."

Derek Ryan, (Musket Man, Classic, post 7) – “That’s a good spot, right in the middle. I’ll take that!”

Jerry Moss, owner, (Zenyatta, Classic, post 8) – “That is excellent. Eight is our lucky number. We’re very happy to be here. If we didn’t think she was up to the task, we wouldn’t have brought her.”

Ann Moss, owner, (Zenyatta, Classic, post 8) - “Every day that we are with her is special. She’s having such a great time, that we’re having a great time. She’s so amazing to be around. We feel so blessed.”

Wesley Ward, (Pleasant Prince, Classic, post 9) – “I’m very happy with the post. He’s out a little ways, but not too far. I expect him to be back a ways early, but still ahead of the big mare, Zenyatta. I’m hoping he’ll be running as well as he’s been feeling lately. I expect him to run along in mid-pack and then come with his big run at the end. We’re hopeful of a big finish.”

Kiaran McLaughlin, (Etched, Classic, post 10) – “We were hoping to draw outside Quality Road and Haynesfield so we can stalk the other speed.”

Bob Baffert, (Lookin At Lucky, Classic, post 12) – “It’s better than the one-hole. He went to the extreme opposite from his Kentucky Derby post position. It’s not that horrible, it’s not the end of the world. I’m just glad he’s out of the one-hole. If we’d drawn that I would have been getting bad vibes. I guess you could say it’s a good thing that all the speed is inside of us. That’s a joke.”


Other Draw Quotes by Trainer

Al Stall Jr., (J.B.’s Thunder, Juvenile, post 3) - “Something like 27 percent of the winners have come from the three-hole in the Juvenile. Check your little purple stat book, but I glanced at that and thought wouldn’t it be sweet? I remember that number, I’m pretty sure; it really stands out if you look at the post positions of winners over the years. So that’s just fine with us.

Anthony Dutrow (Havre de Grace, Ladies' Classic, post 11) - "The number 11 is a disappointment. I'd rather it had not been the 11. Blind Luck is right next to us (in post 10) so we'll have to run Blind Luck's race. We have to take hold and be a length or two in front and finish up strong."

Anthony Dutrow (Joyful Victory, Juvenile Fillies, post 6) - "That's great. She's right there in the middle of things."

Anthony Dutrow (Rightly So, Filly & Mare Sprint, post 13) - "She's very fast. She's going to be in front, so I would have been okay with any of it. I don't know that post position is such a major factor to her. She's always in front so I'm hoping for the best. I've been hearing for a couple of weeks now that she would be the (morning line) favorite, so I wasn't surprised by that. She is very fast and in excellent form, so I don't think too much about her odds."

Bob Baffert, (A.Z. Warrior, Juvenile Fillies, post 8) - “I saw Mike Battaglia, he didn’t know who he was going to make the favorite. It’s kind of a wide-open race. I was trying to get him to make her not the favorite. But I guess that means we have a better chance to win.”

Bob Baffert (Gabby’s Golden Gal, Filly & Mare Sprint, post 7) - “That’s a good post for her. No problems there. The thing I’ve learned about Breeders’ Cup races is that the horse you bring is more important than the post you draw. I’ve gotten great post positions with horses that didn’t belong there, and the post position didn’t do us any good. So the main thing is they’re all happy and healthy and horses that deserve to be here and get a chance to run.”

Bret Calhoun, (Chamberlain Bridge, Turf Sprint, post 1; Dubai Majesty, Filly & Mare Sprint, post 12) “I was pretty happy with Dubai Majesty’s post; that post is just fine. I wasn’t real happy with the one-hole for Chamberlain Bridge but we’ll have to live with it. He’s won from all over the place but ideally I would have preferred him to be in the middle somewhere, a little farther out. There’s obviously a lot of speed in there and you’re going to get a big rush. Maybe we’ll get lucky and find us a seam.”

Brian Koriner (California Flag, Turf Sprint, post 12; Sweet August Moon, Filly & Mare Sprint, post 8) – “They’re good; they’re both good. For ‘Flag,’ it might have been better for him to draw outside, but it’s OK. He’s going to show speed, so if he’s inside or outside isn’t really going to matter a whole lot with his style. The mare (Sweet August Moon) – she’ll fire wherever we put her. I’m good with it. Let’s go.”

Chris Block, (Giant Oak, Marathon, post 8): "I would have been happy with anything three through 10, so eight is just fine with me. It's an honor to be co-second choice (4-1) in a Breeders' Cup race, and I hope he can run up to expectations."

Christophe Clement, (Gio Ponti, Mile, post 3; Winchester, Turf, post 2) - "That is a great draw for both of my horses and I am delighted. Both are going to be able to save ground on the turf. I am delighted with the draw for both races."

Dallas Stewart, (Seeking the Title, Ladies' Classic, post 7) - "Excellent. We're very happy"

David Carroll, (Acoma, Ladies’ Classic, post 9) - “I’m very happy with the post. I didn’t want to get stuck down on the inside and obviously I didn’t want the 11. I think it’s very important that she gets away and gets into a good rhythm. She can do her best running on the outside. I think it’s good, the favorites are to her outside, I think if she can get a good break we’ll be in good shape.”

David Fawkes, (Big Drama, Sprint, post 1) - "It's the inside post; what do you say? We'll see what happens. I don't hate it. It's the post we drew and now we have to make the best of it."

David Hofmans, (J P’s Gusto, Juvenile, post 4) – “We’re OK with it. I would have preferred the outside, but I’m just glad we’re not in the 1 or the 2.”

Eddie Kenneally (My Jen, Filly & Mare Sprint, post 1) – “What are you going to do? You’ve got to take the good with the bad. I’ll leave it up to John (Velazquez). He’s a great rider, and she’s doing really well.”

Ian Wilkes, (Warrior’s Reward, Sprint, post 12) - “No problem. It’s better than one, two, or three. (Jockey) Julien (Leparoux) knows him; he knows his strengths. He’s a come-from-behind sprinter.”

James Bond, (Tizway, Dirt Mile, post 2) – “I’m very happy with the post.  He’s got speed, so he’s going to be close. He won’t take on the speed, but he won’t be far back. If nobody wants the front, then he has the speed to go to the lead – that’ll be up to the jockey. Rajiv (Maragh) knows the horse well.”

Jerry Hollendorfer (Blind Luck, Ladies’ Classic, post 10) – “I didn’t want to be down on the inside and get trapped. The two who have been battling (Havre de Grace in post 11 and Blind Luck in 10) drew the outside and Todd (Pletcher with Life At Ten) will be down on the inside, so it will be interesting.”

Jimmy Toner, (Winter Memories, Juvenile Fillies Turf, post 7) “I’d rather be the favorite than a long shot. She’s done everything right so far. She looks good, is training good and comes into the race as good as we could expect. I think we drew a good post position. It’s in the middle. I’m happy with that. We just have to get lucky and get the trip.”

John Sadler (Sidney’s Candy, Mile, post 9; Tell a Kelly, Juvenile Fillies, post 12; Switch,  Filly & Mare Sprint, post 9; Hurricane Ike,  Dirt Mile, post 9) – “Overall, I like my posts. Sidney’s Candy’s draw is fine. He’ll be good from there. With Tell a Kelly, I’d have liked to have drawn inside, but it will be OK. She’s going to drop back and work her way into a good spot. That’s her style. With Switch, that’s a very good starting point. She can stalk and pick her spot. Ideal. And it’s a good draw for Hurricane Ike. He can put himself where he needs to be. Those last two (Switch and Hurricane Ike) are our best draws.”

Kiaran McLaughlin, (Soldat, Juvenile Turf, post 9) – “He won a Grade 3 stake breaking from post nine at Saratoga.  He’s a handy horse that will do anything you ask of him.”

Mark Casse, (Delightful Mary, Juvenile Fillies, post 9) - "I love the post. It's perfect. I won't be able to use that as an excuse."

Mark Frostad, (Grand Adventure, Turf Sprint, post 11) – “I’d rather be on the outside than the inside with this horse. At five furlongs, it could get pretty rough down on the inside at the break.”

Mark Frostad, (New Normal, Juvenile Fillies Turf, post 10) – “I like the spot. She has the speed inside of her. The rider can watch what happens and get position.”

Michelle Nihei, (Prince Will I Am, Marathon, post 2) - "You never want to be inside as a closer, but it's not going to take him out of his game. It is the shortest way around. I was a little surprised we were (4-1, co second-choice), but after reading a lot of stuff on the Internet this week, people seem to like our chances. Either way, the horse doesn't know what his odds are."

Phil Sims (Hot Cha Cha, Filly & Mare Turf, post 8) - “The Americans don’t get much respect. I think the post is okay, she’ll be fine, no problems at all. My horse is going well, so we’ll see what happens.”

Richard Mandella (Crown of Thorns, Dirt Mile, post 8; Champ Pegasus, Turf, post 1) – “I like being a little bit on the outside with Crown of Thorns. That should be a good spot for him. He should be able to get a good spot from there. The other horse (Champ Pegasus), it (post 1) doesn’t really matter.  It’s as good as any. Going a mile and a half, those horses have lots of time to sort themselves out.”

Rick Dutrow Jr., (Acting Happy, Ladies’ Classic, post 5) – “She’s been doing excellent.  I really like the reports I’ve gotten from my rider the last few days with her being at Churchill.  We feel our filly deserves a shot.  This doesn’t look like the toughest Ladies’ Classic to me.”

Rick Dutrow Jr., (Believe in A.P., Juvenile Fillies, post 10) – “She’s sitting on a big race, babe.  She’s wanted to go long on the dirt since the first day she came to our barn.  She’s got class, talent, size and the pedigree.  She’s ready.”

Rick Dutrow Jr., (Deciphering Dreams, Juvenile Turf, post 2) – “He’s trained excellent since the Pilgrim.  We’re taking a shot.  We’re not sure how he stacks up against the best competition in the race, but he got a good near inside post and he’s got (jockey) Ramon (Dominguez.) We’re hoping he has a good trip.”

Rick Dutrow Jr., (Stradivinsky, Turf Sprint, post 3) – Man, I wish everyone could have seen this horse’s breeze (Monday at Aqueduct.)  He’s sitting on a big race. You’re going to catch some very, very fast horses in this race, but he belongs.  He’s already won big on that Churchill turf course.”

Rick Dutrow Jr., (Boys at Tosconova, Juvenile, post 2) – “He showed in the Hopeful he can sit behind horses and rate.  He’s done everything we’ve asked and he’s ready.  I’ve absolutely loved this horse from the first time I laid eyes on him.  If Uncle Mo shows up with his best game we are going to be in for one hell of a show.”

Rick Dutrow Jr., (Court Vision, Mile, post 4) – “There’s enough speed where that field should get spread out a bit early on.  I know every time we take ‘Court’ over there he’s gonna run big, babe.  This race is super tough, but what are we gonna do, not run?  He’s been a major player at the top for a long, long time.”

Rick Mettee, assistant to trainer Saeed bin Suroor, (Gayego, Dirt Mile, post 6) – “Post six is a decent draw for him in the Dirt Mile.  There certainly appears to be enough speed for him to run at.”

Rick Mettee, assistant to trainer Saeed bin Suroor, (Girolamo, Sprint, post 2) – “The great thing about him is he has enough early speed to get position and he won’t have to work too hard to do it.  He’s ready to run.”

Rick Mettee, assistant to trainer Saeed bin Suroor, (Sara Louise, Filly & Mare Sprint, post 2) – “I would have preferred to draw outside coming out of that chute, but there does appear to be a lot of speed on paper. If the field spreads out it won’t be that bad.”

Rick Mettee, assistant to trainer Saeed bin Suroor, (Vineyard Haven, Dirt Mile, post 12) – “We much preferred to be outside with him.  He’ll do anything you ask of him, but I think he prefers running outside of horses.  Really, both our horses got decent draws in the Dirt Mile.”

Ron McAnally (Eclair de Lune, Filly & Mare Turf, post 2) – “I don’t think it (the post) makes a heckuva lot of difference. Going that far, posts don’t mean much. But she’s inside and has a bit of speed, so maybe she can pick up the rail and make it work to her advantage.”

Scott Blasi assistant trainer to Steve Asmussen, (Riley Tucker, Sprint, post 10; Thiskyhasnolimit, Dirt Mile, post 7) - “All of our horses drew well."

Scott Lake (Pashito the Che, Sprint, post 6): "Love the position. Six on out would have been fine with us. On paper the 15-1 morning line is a fair assessment, but we're better than people think."

Stanley Gold (Awesome Feather, Juvenile Fillies, post 2): "If I had my choice, I would have taken post four through six, so I've got no complaints. The 6-1 (morning line odds) is a fair assessment. We're the undefeated unknown quantity, so they can't count us out."

Steve Margolis (Cash Refund, Sprint, post 8; Due Date, Turf Sprint, 10) - "We're really happy. We were hoping for outside posts for both of them."

Todd Pletcher, (Life At Ten, Ladies’ Classic, post 1) – “She ran very well in the Beldame kind of stalking horses and she actually drew the rail back there, so we’ll look for somebody to follow around the first turn and go from there. She’s a pretty versatile mare and she’s athletic enough to do what she has to do.”

Todd Pletcher, (Malibu Prayer, Ladies’ Classic, post 3) - “I think Malibu Prayer from post three will be forwardly placed in the race. I thought her Ruffian was an example of how good she is, and she has a win over the track here in the Chilukki last fall. She’s a filly that’s always very dangerous.”

Tom Proctor (Keertana, Filly & Mare Turf, post 4; Banned, Juvenile Turf, post 8) - "Both post positions are fine. Let's rock and roll is all I can say."

Valorie Lund, (Atta Boy Roy, Sprint, post 11) “Well I would have rather drawn the five or six hole, but I’d rather be outside than stuck inside. We’ll send, we’ll go. We’ve got a good run up the backside to clear them and get over. He’s the kind of horse that can clear them and relax once he does.”  

Will Phipps, (Fancy Point, Juvenile Fillies Turf, post 9) “We’re in! I’m just thrilled she’s one of 14.”

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