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Kentucky Derby and Horse Racing at The Downey Profile®

HBO Original Series LUCK Explores World of Horse Racing


HBO breaks bold new ground in their new original series LUCK starring Dustin Hoffman. The series centers around the world of horse racing and approaches the world from all angles. LUCK pulls no punches as it also delves into the dark side of horse racing and the effect that it can have on the animals.

Dustin Hoffman stars as Ace Bernstein, a man with a long history with organized crime and running operations in US casinos.  Bernstein was just released from a short prison stint and is out for revenge against those that put him there.  Part of his plan includes taking over L.A.'s Santa Anita Racetrack so that he can introduce casino gambling.

Substories to the series include a group of gamblers that manage to score on a horse racing Pick 6 jackpot and win $2.4 million.  The group must now deal with the temptations that arise from having so much money while being compulsive gamblers.  Another story centers around a horse trained by Walter Smith, played by Nick Nolte, who happens to have been sired by famous Kentucky thoroughbred "Delphi."  The horse known as Gettn'up has be potential to be one of the finest horses in history.

The dark side of horse racing is also exposed as the series also deals with issues surrounding the sport such as horse breakdowns, animal doping, and more.  This includes the wranglings of Ace Bernstein as he tries to take over the racetrack.

LUCK is a brilliantly filmed and well acted series that combines different aspects of the horse racing world into a series that requires the viewer to be a bit more invested than other programs.  This isn't the run of a mill series where everything is perfectly explained and plot lines fall into place almost mindlessly.  

Viewers of the HBO series LUCK will be initially drawn in by the fast paced action of the track but soon find themselves hooked as the intertwined stories tell a complete story about how some rely on luck to get them through life and others do everything they can to make their own luck.  LUCK airs on HBO on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET.


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