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Kentucky Derby and Horse Racing at The Downey Profile®




The Downey Profile was a seasonal website
specializing in the Kentucky Derby



Friends and Colleagues: Today I am announcing today the retirement of The Downey Profile in its current form.

Several things have contributed to my decision,which is more fully explained in the walk down memory lane here. It's been a lot of fun!

I want to keep my hand in the sport, so we will see what develops. To TDP subscribers,
I cannot thank you enough for your friendly, supportive relationship with me over the years.

Hope everyone has a great 2021, and God bless.

Dick Downey - Dec. 30, 2020





Kentucky Derby Subscribers: We Have Concluded Our Triple Crown Coverage. Thanks Again For Being Part Of It.

Derby Trail Subscribers: We Have Concluded The Derby Trail. Thank You For Your Support!

In 2020, we again have two Subscription Pages: (1) The tried and true Kentucky Derby Subscription, which include the Preakness and Belmont Stakes at no extra charge, and (2) The Derby Trail Subscription Page. For fuller descriptions, please click either of the two links immediately below.  Further, you may read in detail about The Downey Profile here. The Downey Profile® Was Awarded A Service Mark in 2008 by the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office and was renewed in 2018.

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Our Coverage of the 2020 Triple Crown is concluded. There are special Pages reserved for Kentucky Derby Horses, Preakness Stakes Horses and Belmont Stakes Horses linked at the left sidebar. Coverage on our Worth Watching Page concluded on Oct. 3, 2020. Thank you for engaging The Downey Profile this enduring Triple Crown season.

Swiss Skydiver Beats Boys In Preakness

Authentic Wins Kentucky Derby

Derby Day Handle: Wagering from all sources on the Kentucky Derby Day program was down 50 percent from last year. It totaled $126.0 million compared to $250.9 million on the 2019 Kentucky Derby Day program.  All-sources wagering on the Kentucky Derby race was $79.4 million compared to $165.5 million from last year’s Derby race, a decline of 48 percent. A statement from Churchill Downs said, "the decline in handle for this year’s Derby Day program is attributable to the lack of on-track wagering, fewer horses per race including in the Kentucky Derby race, and a prohibitive favorite in the Derby race."

Pneumatic Pounces To Top Pegasus

Art Collector Pads Kentucky Derby Credentials At Ellis Park

Tiz the Law Rules Travers Stakes

Thousand Words Holds 'Em Off In Shared Belief

Authentic Hangs On To Win TVG Haskell

Country Grammer Cuts Corner In Peter Pan

Art Collector Best In Blue Grass

Shared Sense Best In Indiana Derby

Uncle Chuck Romps In Los Alamitos Derby

Dean Martini Toast Of The Ohio Derby

Tiz the Law Gavels Down Belmont Stakes

Honor A. P. Springs Mild Upset To Win Santa Anita Derby

Maxfield Picks Up Where He Left Off

Nadal Pressures Pace This Time To Win Arkansas Derby Div 2

Charlatan Dominates Division 1 Of Arkansas Derby

Mr. Big News Headliner in Oaklawn Stakes

Tiz the Law Coasts to Florida Derby Victory

Wells Bayou Leads Them Home at Fair Grounds

Nadal Takes On All Comers To Win Rebel

Charlatan Romps First Time At Two Turns

Field Pass Gets Up In Jeff Ruby

Authentic, King Guillermo, Mischevious Alex Win Derby Points Races

Ete Indien Waves Goodbye to FOY Field

Sample Kentucky Derby Subscription Page

Looking Back on 17 Years of TDP

Some Changes At The Downey Profile

TDP Overview and Construction; Subscriptions

The Early 2020 Triple Crown Nominations

Facts and Figures About The Early 2020 Triple Crown Nominations

Road to the 2020 Kentucky Derby

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On fast dirt unless noted

Workout coverage is now complete. The Downey Profile is a seasonal website focused on the Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown.

Oct. 3
Attachment Rate  1.01:60 Breezing 9/39 CD
Celtic Striker 49:26 Breezing 29/48 BEL
Dennis' Moment 47:00 Breezing 1/56 CD
Enforceable 48:00 Breezing 8/56 CD
Farmington Road 48:26 Breezing training track 6/73 BEL
Great Power  49:40 Handily 30/53 SA
Independence Hall 48:60 Handily 15/53 SA
Money Moves 48:26 Breezing training track 6/73 BEL
Taishan 1.02:00 Breezing 15/39 CD

Oct. 2
Fore Left 1.00:40 Handily 12/38 SA
Happy Saver 49:51 Breezing training track 19/47 SAR
Royal Act 1.12:80 Handily 1/1 SA
Rushie  47:20 Handily 2/30 SA
Tiz the Law 58:87 Breezing 1/6 BEL

Oct. 1
Ragtime Blues 48:20 Breezing 4/21 KEE

Sept. 29
Silver Prospector  1.01:00 Breezing 5/16 CD

Sept. 28
Authentic  47:60 Breezing 1/37 CD
Echo Town 38:40 Breezing 1/1 CD
Excession 49:80 Breezing 18/37 CD
Max Player 49:80 Breezing 18/37 CD
Pneumatic 50:20 Breezing training track 9/19 SAR
Sonneman 50:00 Breezing 22/37 CD

Sept. 27
Americanus 49:20 Breezing firm turf 10/25 BEL
Answer In 49:40 Breezing 43/88 CD
As Seen on Tv 48:40 Breezing 16/80 MTH
Blackberry Wine 47:40 Breezing 1/23 CDT
Chestertown 1.00:46 Breezing training track 1/9 SAR
Fore Left 49:00 Handily 35/57 SA
Mystic Guide 1.01:60 Breezing 2/2 FAI
Ny Traffic 48:00 Breezing 2/88 CD
Silver State  1.00:60 Breezing 5/49 CD
South Bend 47:81 Breezing training track 2/75 BEL
Winning Impression 49:80 Breezing 61/88 CD

Sept. 26
Art Collector 48:00 Breezing 7/78 CD
Attachment Rate  1.01:80 Breezing 44/57 CD
Country Grammer 50:25 Breezing 36/49 BEL
Dennis' Moment 36:80 Breezing 1/5 CD
Independence Hall  36:40 Handily 3/13 SA
Jesus' Team 1.03:40 Breezing 23/25 MTH
Liveyourbeastlife 1.16:20 Breezing 1/3 BEL
Monday Morning Qb 47:67 Handily good 1/20 PRX
Money Moves 49:23 Breezing 25/82 BEL
Montauk Traffic 1.01:58 Breezing training track 10/25 BEL
Secret Rules 37:20 Breezing synthetic 6/15 FAI
Taishan 48:20 Breezing 10/78 CD
Thousand Words 1.00:60 Breezing 16/57 CD

Sept.  25
Farmington Road 49:93 Breezing turf training 10/25 SAR
Happy Saver 1.01:09 Breezing 1/9 SAR
Lebda 48:40 Breezing 4/16 LRL
Mr. Big News 50:40 Breezing 59/68 CD
Royal Act 59:20 Handily 1/61 SA
Rushie 48:00 Handily 9/29 SA
Tiz the Law 50:07 Breezing 13/32 BEL
Untitled 1.02:80 Breezing 25/29 CD

Sept. 24
Azul Coast 37:00 Handily 3/5 SA

Sept. 23
No Parole 1.01:80 Breezing 2/6 CD

Sept. 22
Mongolian Wind 1.18:00 Handily 1/1 CM
Excession 1.00:60 Breezing 1/11 CD
Express Train 49:00 Handily 9/17 SA
Silver Prospector 1.00:60 Breezing 1/11 CD

Sept. 21
Chestertown 1.02:46 Breezing 10/14 SAR
Echo Town 1.01:00 Breezing 8/21 CD
Halo Again 1.02:62 Breezing 13/14 SAR
Kiss Today Goodbye 49:40 Handily 32/65 SA
Max Player  1.00:20 Breezing 1/21 CD
Pneumatic 1.00:85 Breezing 1/14 training track SAR
Sonneman 1.01:00 Breezing 8/21 CD
Tizamagician 49:60 Handily 37/65 SA

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Downey's top pick on his Kentucky Derby subscription page failed to win for the first time in seven years. Three of Downey's four picks finished in the top four, including winner Authentic. The top two finishers were among The Downey Profile's Top 4 rankings, as was fourth finisher Honor A. P.

1. TIZ THE LAW (second
2. HONOR A. P. (fourth)
3. Ny TRAFFIC (eighth)
4. AUTHENTIC (first)

The Commish picked the same top two horses as Downey. Authentic was his "sixth man' pick.

1. TIZ THE LAW (second)
2. HONOR A. P. (fourth)
3. NY TRAFFIC (eighth)
4. SOLE VOLANTE (eleventh)
5. SOUTH BEND (fifteenth)
6. AUTHENTIC (first)

Downey's top pick on his Kentucky Derby subscription page won the Kentucky Derby in 2019. It was the sixth straight year his top pick won, and Maximum Security was among The Downey Profile's Top 4 horses, as was Tacitus. Four of Downey's top five picks finished in the top five.
1. MAXIMUM SECURITY (first - DQ'd by stewards to 17th)
2. TACITUS (fourth, moved up to third)
3. IMPROBABLE (fifth, moved up to fourth
4. VEKOMA (thirteenth, moved up to twelfth)
5. CODE OF HONOR (third, moved up to second)

The Commish had four of the top six finishers in his picks.
1. TACITUS (fourth, moved up to third)
2. IMPROBABLE (fifth, moved up to fourth)
3. GAME WINNER (sixth, moved up to fifth)
4. VEKOMA (thirteenth, moved up to twelfth)
5.  MAXIMUM SECURITY (first - DQ'd by stewards to 17th)


Downey's top pick on his Kentucky Derby subscription page won the Kentucky Derby for the fifth straight year in 2018. Justify was among The Downey Profile Top 4 horses, as were second finisher Good Magic and third finisher Audible. The final Kentucky Derby workout by Justify was impressive, and that helped lead Downey to pick him right on top. Good Magic was in Downey's second spot for the cold exacta.
1. JUSTIFY (first)
2. GOOD MAGIC (second)
3. MENDELSSOHN (twentieth)
4. HOFBURG (seventh)
5. AUDIBLE (third)
6. BOLT D'ORO (twelfth)

The Commish had the winner picked in the second slot. He told Downey his top Derby pick had never run last before this year, so he thinks there's plenty of upside potential going forward.
1. MENDELSSOHN (twentieth)
2. JUSTIFY (first)
3. VINO ROSSO (ninth)
4. MY BOY JACK (fifth)
5. AUDIBLE (third)


Downey picked the Kentucky Derby winner for his Kentucky Derby subscribers for the fourth straight year in 2017. Always Dreaming wasn't in the Downey Profile Top 4, but it was kind of a crazy year and Downey wasn't sold on the Top 4, Always Dreaming was the top Profile Buster Profile horse, and he put in a super-impressive final Derby workout. The selections underneath Always Dreaming weren't as strong as the comparable picks in 2015 and 2016.

2. CLASSIC EMPIRE (fourth)
3. IRISH WAR CRY (tenth)
4. MCCRAKEN (eighth)
5. IRAP (eighteenth)
6. GORMLEY (ninth)

The Commish picked the winner right on top for the third time in four years:
2. HENCE (eleventh)
3. STATE OF HONOR (nineteenth)
4. CLASSIC EMPIRE (fourth)
5. TAPWRIT (sixth)



Downey's selections on the Subscription Page for the 2016 Kentucky Derby were:
1. NYQUIST (first)
2. EXAGGERATOR (second)
3. GUN RUNNER (third)
4. BRODY'S CAUSE (seventh)
5. OUTWORK (fourteenth)

For the first time, Downey put together a superfecta part wheel for subscribers. The cost for a $1 ticket was $88, and we were fortunate enough to see that bet hit and pay $542.10.

The Commish picked:
1. EXAGGERATOR (second)
2. NYQUIST (first)
3. MY MAN SAM (eleventh)
4. WHITMORE (nineteenth)
5. MO TOM (eighth)

The Commish stuck to his guns with Exaggerator in the Preakness, and he won the race.


Downey's selections on the Subscription Page for the 2015 Kentucky Derby were:
2. DORTMUND (third)
3. FROSTED (fourth)
4. FIRING LINE (second)
5. DANZIG MOON (fifth)

The Commish picked:

2. DORTMUND (third)
3. FIRING LINE (second)
4. FROSTED (fourth)
5. CARPE DIEM (tenth)


Downey's selections on the Subscription Page for the 2014 Kentucky Derby were:
2. DANZA (third)
3. SAMRAAT (fifth)
4. INTENSE HOLIDAY (twelfth)
5. CHITU (ninth)
6. GENERAL A ROD (eleventh)

The Commish picked:
2. CANDY BOY (thirteenth)
4. DANZA (third)
5. CHITU (ninth)


The Downey Profile is a seasonal website launched in 2003 that's primarily focused on the run-up to the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown.

We cover other special events from time to time. In 2015, Dick Downey worked for The Louisville Courier-Journal alongside five-time Eclipse Award winner Jennie Rees during the newspaper's coverage of the Breeders' Cup. Downey worked Breeders' Cup again in 2017 for the newspaper. The Downey Profile has covered every race of the Kentucky Downs meet for several years.


In 2020, There Will Be A Single Kentucky Derby Starting Gate Manufactured by Sterline



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The Downey Profile® was awarded a Service Mark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2008. Renewed 2018.