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Kentucky Derby and Horse Racing at The Downey Profile®




The Downey Profile is a seasonal website
specializing in the Kentucky Derby

The site will open in full on or before Feb. 25, 2020


Looking Good 2020

Worth Watching 2020


Kentucky Derby Points Leaderboard Updated Feb. 17


In order to show the depth of our work, for the first time ever,
we reveal a
Sample Kentucky Derby Subscription Page


Some Changes Are On The Way At The Downey Profile

Looking Back on 17 Years of The Downey Profile

The Downey Profile: Overview and Construction; Subscriptions


2020 Derby Future Wager Pool 2 - Final Odds


The Early 2020 Triple Crown Nominations

PPs for The Early Triple Crown Nominees

Facts and Figures About the Early 2020 Triple Crown Nominations

Road to the 2020 Kentucky Derby

UAE Derby Nominations
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In 2020, we again have two Subscription Pages: (1) The tried and true Kentucky Derby Subscription, which include the Preakness and Belmont Stakes at no extra charge, and (2) The Derby Trail Subscription Page. For fuller descriptions, please click either of the two links immediately below.  Further, you may read in detail about The Downey Profile here. The Downey Profile® Was Awarded A Service Mark in 2008 by the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office. Renewed in 2018.

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Kentucky Derby Horses

Preakness Stakes Horses

Belmont Stakes Horses


Sir Winston Best in 151st Belmont

Our Coverage Concludes

Belmont Handle Down Significantly

Hog Creek Hustle Gets Back Home in Woody Stephens

Majid All the Way in Easy Goer Stakes

Belmont Stakes PPs from Brisnet

Moon Colony Takes Inside Track in Penn Mile

Dermarchelier Marches On in Pennine Ridge

Link: Wests File Summary Judgment Motion

Downey on VISN Podcast: Discusses West Lawsuit

War of Will Rides the Rail to Win Preakness

Mucho Gusto Leads the Way in Laz Barrera

Lexitonian ($36) Upsets in Chick Lang

King for a Day Takes Sir Barton

West: My Horse Against Your Horses for $5 Million Each

Link: Saez Appeals Suspension

Federal Lawsuit: West v KHRC, et al

Saez Suspension 67 Percent More Than Other Suspensions Combined

Stewards Suspend Saez for 15 Days

Global Campaign Gallops in Peter Pan

Link: Video Given to Stewards Shows Maximum Security Struck from Rear 3-5 Times

Link: Servis Says Maximum Security May Miss Belmont with Injuries

West: There Will Be Litigation

NBC Says Derby Drama Helped Ratings

Wagering on Derby Program

Country House Made Kentucky Derby
Winner by Stewards

Laughing Fox Gets Up in Oaklawn Handicap

Thomas, Calhoun Strike in Pat Day Mile with Mr. Money

Digital Age's Time Is Now in American Turf

Serengeti Empress Wins Kentucky Oaks

Mandella Explains Omaha Beach Situation in Detail

TDN: Spendthrift Buys Omaha Beach Breeding Rights

Tesio Is A Landslide for Alwaysmining

Franco Does What He Has To Do for Spinoff

Omaha Beach Won't Be Denied in Arkansas Derby

Owendale Rallies Wide in Stonestreet Lexington

Roadster Cruises to Santa Anita Derby Win

Tacitus Overcomes Adversity in Wood Memorial

Florida Derby Won by Unchallenged Maximum Security

Plus Que Parfait Turns It Around in UAE Derby

Cutting Humor Wins Sunland Derby in Record Time

By My Standards Upsets Louisiana Derby

Kentucky Derby Picture Shifts With Wins of Long Range Toddy, Omaha Beach

Tacitus Emerges in Tampa Bay Derby

Haikal Goes and Gets 'Em in Gotham

Somelikeithotbrown Ices Jeff Ruby Competition

Code of Honor Takes the Stage in Fountain of Youth 

Super Speed Southwest Shocker

War of Will Takes Fast Lane on Derby Road

Connections of Anothertwistafate Thinking Bigger Than Preakness

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On fast dirt unless noted


June 8, Code of Honor 48:68 Breezing 9/21 at BEL
June 8, Fortin Hill 49:91 Breezing training track 32/60 at SAR
June 8, Growth Engine 48:60 Breezing 11/66 at MTH
June 8, King for a Day 49:07 Breezing training track 3/25 at BEL
June 8, Nolo Contesto 1.01:20 Handily training track 1/11 at SA
June 8, Overdeliver 49:67 Breezing training track 7/25 at BEL
June 8, Pole Setter 50:94 Breezing training track 16/25 at BEL
June 8, Tale of the Union 36:40 Handily 4/21 at LA
June 8, Union's Destiny 50:05 Breezing good 37/81 at GP
June 8, Win Win Win 51:00 Breezing 25/34 at FAI

June 7, Current 51:89 training track 65/80 at BEL
June 7, Game Winner  48:40 Handily 6/36 at SA
June 7, Mr. Money 47:20 2/75  at CD
June 7, Roadster  1.00:40 Handily 2/32 at SA

June 6, Cruel Intention 1.14:00 Handily 1/8 at SA
June 6, Kingly 47:80 Handily 1/22 at SA

June 5, Master Fencer 1.01:28 Breezing 3/3 at BEL
June 5, Metropol 49:20 Handily 5/8 at LA
June 5, Mihos 52:82 Breezing 23/23 at BEL

June 4, Frolic More 48:40 Breezing 4/17 at CD
June 4, Wicked Indeed 1.01:80 Breezing 3/6 at CD

June 3, Bourbon in May 50:20 Breezing 9/14 at MTH
June 3, Everfast 1.01:00 Breezing 7/16 at CD
June 3, Global Campaign 48:20 Breezing 4/28 at CD
June 3, Laughing Fox 51:40 Breezing 21/28 at CD
June 3, Limonite 1.01:60 Breezing 8/16 at CD
June 3, Much Better 47:60 Breezing 2/28 at CD
June 3, Mucho Gusto 1.01:60 Handily 10/26 at SA
June 3, Nitrous  50:47 Breezing 9/12 at BEL

June 2, Admiral Lynch  1.13:00 Handily 1/2 at MTH
June 2, Avie's Flatter 1.38:40 Breezing synthetic 1/1 at WO
June 2, Complexity  1.00:45 Breezing training track 1/4 at SAR
June 2, High Crime 1.13:40 Breezing 1/1 at CDT
June 2, King for a Day  49:77 Breezing 24/38 at BEL
June 2, Long Range Toddy 1.01:00 Breezing 5/23 at CD
June 2, Olympic Runner  48:40 Breezing synthetic 22/65 at WO
June 2, Tacitus  1.00:42 Breezing 1/16 at BEL

June 1, Alwaysmining 48:60 Breezing 5/35 at FAI
June 1, By My Standards  47:60 Breezing 3/86 at CD
June 1, Code of Honor  49:95 Breezing 54/68 at BEL
June 1, Fortin Hill  48:45 Breezing 3/59 training track at SAR
June 1, Front Run the Fed 49:00 Breezing 27/84 at MTH
June 1, Hog Creek Hustle 48:60 Breezing 21/86 at CD
June 1, Honest Mischief  48:05 Breezing 4/68 at BEL
June 1, Intrepid Heart 1.00:92 Breezing 9/28 at BEL
June 1, Joevia  1.00:00 Handily 3/20 at MTH
June 1, Market King 50:40 Breezing 65/86 at CD
June 1, Mind Control 1.00:60 Breezing 5/20 at MTH
June 1, Nolo Contesto 1.02:80 Handily 16/31 at SA
June 1, Not That Brady 1.01:94 Breezing training track 9/12 at SAR
June 1, Opry  1.01:20 Breezing 12/28 at BEL
June 1, Outshine 1.00:92 Breezing 9/28 at BEL
June 1, Owendale 50:60 Breezing 69/86 at CD
June 1, Philosophy 1.03:00 Breezing 12/17 at KEE
June 1, Signalman 47:80 Breezing 5/76 at KEE
June 1, Spinoff 1.02:16 Breezing 20/28 at BEL
June 1, Tax 49:03 Breezing 33/68 at BEL
June 1, Warrior's Charge  50:40 Breezing 65/86 at CD

May 31, Bourbon War 48:74 Breezing good 3/7 at BEL
May 31, Dream Maker 48:29 Breezing good 1/7 at BEL
May 31, Mr. Money 59:80 Breezing 1/17 at CD
May 31, Ninth Street 50:00 Breezing 17/29 at LS
May 31, Pluis Que Parfait  50:80 Breezing 72/93 at CD
May 31, Sir Winston 50:16 Breezing good 5/7 at BEL

May 30, Cruel Intention 1.00:00 Handily 1/26 at SA
May 30, Kingly  50:00 Handily 12/17 at SA
May 30, Topper T 48:11 Breezing training track good 2/18 at BEL

May 29, Everfast 50:20 Breezing 23/35 at CD
May 29, Knicks Go 48:80 Breezing 8/23 at KEE
May 29, Magic on Tap 47:40 Handily 5/15 at LA
May 29, Master Fencer  1.01:48 Breezing 2/2 at BEL
May 29, Metropol 47:40 Handily 5/15 at LA
May 29, Mihos 36:40 Breezing 2/13 at BEL

May 28, Bourbon in May 36:00 Breezing 3/12 at MTH
May 28, Call Paul  37:43 Breezing training track 9/11 at BEL
May 28, Limonite 1.02:40 Breezing 20/21 at CD
May 28, Manny Wah  1.02:00 Breezing firm turf 2/4 at CD
May 28, More Ice 48:40 Handily training track 2/20 at SA
May 28, Much Better 58:80 Breezing 1/21 at CD
May 28, Roadster 59:60 Breezing 5/21 at CD
May 28, Sir Truebador  1.01:60 Breezing 18/21 at CD

May 27, Mucho Gusto 48:40 Handily 15/34 at SA
May 27, Seismic Jolt  1.01:65 Breezing 1/4 at GP
May 27, Well Defined 1.02:00 Breezing 1/2 at GPW

Reported on May 27
May 24, Opry  1.01:85 Breezing 1/2 at PBD

May 26, Avie's Flatter 49:00 Breezing synthetic 46/68 at WO
May 26, Complexity  1.01:72 Breezing training track 1/2 at SAR
May 26, Fortin Hill 1.01:72 Breezing training track 1/2 at SAR
May 26, Long Range Toddy 49:00 Breezing 14/50 at CD
May 26, Magnificent McCool 49:33 Breezing firm turf 3/10 at BEL
May 26, Nitrous  1.00:88 Breezing 6/11 at BEL
May 26, Olympic Runner 59:40 Breezing synthetic 2/46 at WO
May 26, Tacitus 1.00:16 Breezing 3/11 at BEL

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Downey's top pick on his Kentucky Derby subscription page won the Kentucky Derby in 2019. It was the sixth straight year his top pick won, and Maximum Security was among The Downey Profile's Top 4 horses, as was Tacitus. Four of Downey's top five picks finished in the top five.
1. MAXIMUM SECURITY (first - DQ'd by stewards to 17th)
2. TACITUS (fourth, moved up to third)
3. IMPROBABLE (fifth, moved up to fourth
4. VEKOMA (thirteenth, moved up to twelfth)
5. CODE OF HONOR (third, moved up to second)

The Commish had four of the top six finishers in his picks.
1. TACITUS (fourth, moved up to third)
2. IMPROBABLE (fifth, moved up to fourth)
3. GAME WINNER (sixth, moved up to fifth)
4. VEKOMA (thirteenth, moved up to twelfth)
5.  MAXIMUM SECURITY (first - DQ'd by stewards to 17th)


Downey's top pick on his Kentucky Derby subscription page won the Kentucky Derby for the fifth straight year in 2018. Justify was among The Downey Profile Top 4 horses, as were second finisher Good Magic and third finisher Audible. The final Kentucky Derby workout by Justify was impressive, and that helped lead Downey to pick him right on top. Good Magic was in Downey's second spot for the cold exacta.
1. JUSTIFY (first)
2. GOOD MAGIC (second)
3. MENDELSSOHN (twentieth)
4. HOFBURG (seventh)
5. AUDIBLE (third)
6. BOLT D'ORO (twelfth)

The Commish had the winner picked in the second slot. He told Downey his top Derby pick had never run last before this year, so he thinks there's plenty of upside potential going forward.
1. MENDELSSOHN (twentieth)
2. JUSTIFY (first)
3. VINO ROSSO (ninth)
4. MY BOY JACK (fifth)
5. AUDIBLE (third)


Downey picked the Kentucky Derby winner for his Kentucky Derby subscribers for the fourth straight year in 2017. Always Dreaming wasn't in the Downey Profile Top 4, but it was kind of a crazy year and Downey wasn't sold on the Top 4, Always Dreaming was the top Profile Buster Profile horse, and he put in a super-impressive final Derby workout. The selections underneath Always Dreaming weren't as strong as the comparable picks in 2015 and 2016.

2. CLASSIC EMPIRE (fourth)
3. IRISH WAR CRY (tenth)
4. MCCRAKEN (eighth)
5. IRAP (eighteenth)
6. GORMLEY (ninth)

The Commish picked the winner right on top for the third time in four years:
2. HENCE (eleventh)
3. STATE OF HONOR (nineteenth)
4. CLASSIC EMPIRE (fourth)
5. TAPWRIT (sixth)



Downey's selections on the Subscription Page for the 2016 Kentucky Derby were:
1. NYQUIST (first)
2. EXAGGERATOR (second)
3. GUN RUNNER (third)
4. BRODY'S CAUSE (seventh)
5. OUTWORK (fourteenth)

For the first time, Downey put together a superfecta part wheel for subscribers. The cost for a $1 ticket was $88, and we were fortunate enough to see that bet hit and pay $542.10.

The Commish picked:
1. EXAGGERATOR (second)
2. NYQUIST (first)
3. MY MAN SAM (eleventh)
4. WHITMORE (nineteenth)
5. MO TOM (eighth)

The Commish stuck to his guns with Exaggerator in the Preakness, and he won the race.


Downey's selections on the Subscription Page for the 2015 Kentucky Derby were:
2. DORTMUND (third)
3. FROSTED (fourth)
4. FIRING LINE (second)
5. DANZIG MOON (fifth)

The Commish picked:

2. DORTMUND (third)
3. FIRING LINE (second)
4. FROSTED (fourth)
5. CARPE DIEM (tenth)


Downey's selections on the Subscription Page for the 2014 Kentucky Derby were:
2. DANZA (third)
3. SAMRAAT (fifth)
4. INTENSE HOLIDAY (twelfth)
5. CHITU (ninth)
6. GENERAL A ROD (eleventh)

The Commish picked:
2. CANDY BOY (thirteenth)
4. DANZA (third)
5. CHITU (ninth)


The Downey Profile is a seasonal website launched in 2003 that's primarily focused on the run-up to the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown.

We cover other special events from time to time. In 2015, Dick Downey worked for The Louisville Courier-Journal alongside five-time Eclipse Award winner Jennie Rees during the newspaper's coverage of the Breeders' Cup. Downey worked Breeders' Cup again in 2017 for the newspaper. The Downey Profile has covered every race of the Kentucky Downs meet for several years.







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